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Priscilla Tang

I became a health coach after 15 years of frustration trying to diet and lose weight without any success.

I have had body image issues since I was a child. I started going on diets as young as age 12 and emotionally ate through years of student stress. As an amateur boxer, I have taken weight gain and loss to extremes.

For too long, I allowed my body image issues to consume and exhaust me mentally and physically.

I was fed up. And I decided that the weight I held onto was no longer a part of me. So one summer, I committed to successfully losing 20 pounds off a petite frame for good. More importantly, I felt better than ever energetically and emotionally.

I finally figured out how to gain control of my health, and how to have a healthy relationship with food and eating. I stopped counting calories. I stopped dieting.

I have worked in the Canadian health care system for over a decade, mostly on problem solving ways for family doctors, hospitals, and other care providers to keep people healthy and happy at home.

Being a health coach allows me to adapt everything I’ve learned, to working one-on-one with you, in order to design a healthier, more balanced lifestyle that you can soon sustain on your own.

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