Becoming healthy means freedom and choicefreedom from diets, rules, what holds you back; and choice over what you eat and how you feel.

I believe that anyone can have the weight and body they want. Whether you want to lose weight, stabilize weight, or simply eat better, the secret lies in habit change. 

I developed The Anti-Diet to break all the rules set by the old-school weight loss industry and get you lasting results in 90 days WITHOUT dieting. 

The Anti-Diet methodology uses innovative nutrition and behavioural science to train your metabolism into running more efficiently for your body and energy. 

My health coaching program is simple. You sign up to work with me for 90 days. I help you set a vision and define your unique weight and health goals. We agree on a new, customized action plan every week that integrates the latest nutritional science to reaching your weight goals.

Over 13 weeks, we hold each other accountable to getting results that last in a non-judgemental, intuitively guided way. After 90 days, you will have the tools, nutrition knowledge, and intuition to maintain your weight on your own while adapting to your body's changing and unique needs. 

Health coaching is practiced across the world in the weight loss and nutrition industries, health care, lifestyle medicine, corporate wellness, and by health insurers as a wholistic means for improving overall health for now and the future.

Typical results clients see in 90 days include:

  • Increased energy
  • Weight loss or weight stabilization
  • Balanced blood sugar, improved digestion
  • Reverse cravings and emotional eating
  • Feeling confident and happy in your body