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The 90-Day Anti-Diet Program

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Think of me as your personal consultant. In the first month, I collect and analyze information from you, align the data with your unique goals, and develop a tailored strategy and vision for you to live a healthier lifestyle.

We will then design a series of weekly action plans for reaching your weight and wellness goals.

Your first 30 days of health coaching may include:
•       Baseline assessments
•       Quick-win habit change
•       Vision and goal setting
•       Thought pattern changes
•       Learning WHAT TO EAT: balancing fats, protein, and sugars
•       Managing cravings

The second phase of your health coaching program will be focused on implementing the weekly action plans designed based on your goals.

Each week, we will review what works/doesn’t work for you, and continue to make small tweaks to stay on track to reaching your weight goals.

During this action period, you will work on:
•      Habit changes related to eating
•      Habit changes related to health
•      Progress tracking and assessment
•      Maintenance planning
•      Identifying opportunities for scaling some of the good habits into other areas of your life

The third and final phase of your 90-day journey of transformation is focused on celebrating your successes and preparing you to independently manage the newer, healthier version of yourself.

We will work on:
•       Maintenence plan implementation
•       Integrating habit changes beyond nutrition
•       Growing your health
•       360 assessment to summarize achievements and celebrate successes

Learn more about the 90-day program here.